Teacher Campus Placement 2015

Welcome to Grizzly College of Education

Education is a conscious and deliberate process. It is a continuous re-organization of experiences on a regular basis. To ensure quality education, the larger aim must be kept in mind. The opinions may vary. Dr. Zakir Hussain, our third President and a great educationist observed aptly : "Education is helping the mind of the educand to realize the absolute moral and intellectual values." It is further supported by the great philosopher Hock, "Education should be practical, purposive, meaningful and enjoyable."

Education in the New Era

Education is the natural, harmonious and progressive development of man’s innate powers. It is the development of all those capacities in an individual which will enable him to control his environment and fulfill his possibilities. The purpose of education is to develop in each individual the knowledge, interest, ideals, habits and powers whereby he will find his place and use that place to shape both himself and society towards even nobler ends. Therefore Education should be man-making and society making.