Chairman's Desk

Grizzly College of Education has been established as an Institution of Teacher Training to meet the needs of national and global professionalism, which is the demand of the 21st century. Our vision is that the next generation of teachers will be equipped with multidisciplinary perspectives and knowledge; the formation of dispositions and values must be grounded in Indian values, multi-language, knowledge, ethos, and traditions; the latest advances in education and pedagogy; professional excellence through empowering transformation; and education that enables students to meet the challenges and demands of a competitive world as envisaged in the National Education Policy.

It is common knowledge that the academic and professional standards of teachers constitute a critical component of the essential learning conditions for achieving the educational goals of a nation. The focus of teacher preparation had to shift from training to education if it had to have a positive influence on the quality of curriculum transaction in classrooms and, thereby, pupil learning and the larger social transformation. Teachers have a great role to play in bringing out creativity in children. They strive to nurture students into holistic entities, enabling them to face the challenges of life with panache.

Our enthusiastic teaching faculty puts a lot of effort into learning continuously and imbibing knowledge to our students. We provide all the necessities required for students in the academic arena as well as extracurricular activities. Youngsters are trained to be uplifted not only academically but also to serve as better citizens in our society. Our institution takes care to imbibe moral values, and students know the love of our college.

I look forward to welcoming you to "Grizzly College of Education" and having an everlasting and mutually beneficial relationship with the academic world.

Mr. Manish Kumar Kapsime