Message by NSS officer

NSS is a voluntary association of students in colleges. It aims to inculcate the social service in students through community services.

NSS Volunteers work for deprived person of the society and try to create awareness about sanitation, Education, Health, Poverty and also try to demoralize the social evils like Drug addiction, Dowry Casteism, untouchability with the Motto of “Not Me But You”.

Dr. Chaudhary Prem Prakash

Programme Officer

NSS Unit Grizzly College of Education

Contact No.: 9693883303 

 'NOT Me But You'

NSS was Launched on 24 September 1969 by Dr. V.K. R.V. Rao, who was the Educational Minister at that time, the National Service Scheme (NSS) is an addition of activities in the higher education system of India with the aim of allowing students to develop their personality by providing community service while they are studying. The scheme comes under the protection of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India.

NSS aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development through community service. NSS enables students to participate in various programmes of social service and national development, and to help the community.

 Objectives of Grizzly College of Education NSS Unit

Enable the Students:

1.To understand the Community in which they work.

2. To understand themselves in relation to their Community.

3. To acquire leadership Qualities and Democratic Attitude.

4. To identify the need and Problems of the Community and the Solution to them.

 5. To Encourage National Integration and Democratic Attitude.

 6. To gain Skills in mobilising Community Participation.

 7. To Develop Capacity to meet Emergencies and Natural Disaster.

 Activity Forum

  • Plantation Programme

  •  Awareness Programme

  • Medical Camp

  • SharamDan

  • Blood Donation

  • Immuniziation Programme

 NSS Activity Details

  Sl.No. Date Programme  
01 21.09.2016  Rally on Protest of Terrorism in India  
02 26.11.2016   Constitution Day Celebration  
03 27.11.2016   "Visit of NSS Volunteer in Old Age Home Orphanage Disabled Centres"  
04 01.12.2016   Worls's Aids Day Celebration  
05 29.07.2017   Plantation Programme  
06 12.08.2017   Programme on Swakshta Pakhwada  
07 15.10.2017 College Visit of Pipradih Tribal Child's
08 17.10.2017 Dipawali Celebration with Adopted Village Children's
09 11.11.2017 National Education Day Celebration
10 12.01.2018 National Youth Day Celebration
11 30.04.2018 Budh Jayanti Celebration
12 14.05.2018 Summer Camp with Adopted Village Children's
13 21.06.2018 International Yoga Day Celebration
14 01.08.2018 Programme on Swakshta Pakhwada - Sapat and Lecture
15 02.08.2018 College Sanitation under Swakshta Pakhwada
16 06.08.2018 to 08.08.18 Cleanliness of Adopted Village and Railway Station
17 15.08.2018 Swakshta Related Meeting in College under Principal Chairmanship
18 25.09.2018 Free Health Check-up Programme
19 31.10.2018 National Unity day Celebration
20 03.11.2018 Cloth Distribution for Poor People's
21 21.12.2018 Distribution of Household Items in Pipratand and Inderwatand village.
22 22.12.2018 Christmas Celebration with Children's of Adopted Village Inderwatand
23 23.01.2019 Netaji Subhash Jayanti Celebration
24 25.01.2019 Blanket Distribution in Adopted Village
25 10.04.2019 Voter Awareness and household items distribution Programme in Masnodih Panchayat
26 19.04.2019 Voter Awareness Program on Poster making and Debate
27 20.04.2019 Speech Competition and Slogan Writing on Voter awareness Programme
28 24.04.2019 Nukkad Natak on Voter Awareness Programme
29 26.04.2019 Shapat Programme on Voter Awareness
30 01.05.2019 Rally on Voter Awareness Programme
31 16.05.2019 4 Days Summer Camp with Adopted Village Children's
32 21.06.2019 International Yoga Day Celebration
33 05.07.2019 Awareness Programme on Waste Management
34 06.07.2019 Plantation Programme in College Campus
35 21.09.2019 Shapat Programme and Slogan Writing under Poshan Maah Abhiyan
36 23.09.2019 Door to Door Visit Under Poshan Maah Abhiyan
37 24.09.2019 Yoga Practices in different places under Poshan Maah Abhiyan
38 25.09.2019 Speech Cum Discusion Programmme under Poshan Maah Abhiyan
39 26.09.2019 Seminar on Balance Diet under Poshan Maah Abhiyan
40 02.10.2019 Gandhi and Shastri ji Jayanti Celebration
41 11.11.2019 National Education Day Celebration
42 13.11.2019 Shapat Programme under Voter Awareness Programme
43 15.11.2019 Rangoli Competition on Matdata Jaage Desh Aage under Voter Awareness Programme
44 20.11.2019 Door to Door Campaign and Rangoli Competition under Voter Awareness Programme
45 26.11.2019 Constitution Day Celebration
46 07.12.2019 Nukkad and Rally on Voter Awareness Programme
47 10.12.2019 World Human Right's Day Celebration
48 11.01.2020 Quiz and Essay Competition under EBSB
49 16.01.2020 Swakshta Sapat under Swakshta Pakwada 2020