Principal's Desk

Dear Students,
I am honored to serve as the Principal of Grizzly College of Education, a prestigious institution accredited by NAAC with B+ grade and affiliated with Vinoba Bhave University. We offer two-year B.Ed and D.El.Ed courses where excellence in teacher education is our hallmark.
Grizzly College of Education embodies a perfect blend of academic commitment, skill development, and professional excellence. Our goal is to uncover, nurture, and develop the inner potential of each student-teacher. My dedicated team of educators works tirelessly to focus on every student, providing personalized monitoring and mentoring, celebrating their successes, and helping them overcome challenges. While a good teacher aids in comprehension, a great teacher inspires self-realization. I encourage all our educators to create meaningful, participatory learning environments that integrate life skills, preparing our student-teachers for the dynamic challenges of the future.
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom. We actively organize conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and a variety of co-curricular activities. These initiatives expose our students to knowledge beyond the standard curriculum, enhancing their professional and leadership capabilities.
At Grizzly College of Education, we take immense pride in providing the highest quality education to our student-teachers. We emphasize the importance of superior teaching and practical learning experiences. Our goal is to offer a well-rounded education that fosters a multi-dimensional outlook in our students. The empowerment of our student-teachers for their holistic development through education is our cherished motto.
I am proud to lead this wonderful institution, which is dedicated to the cause of building a better India through education and true empowerment. Let us all commit to giving our best efforts to make this institution a modern temple of learning through our dedication and devotion.
Finally, I urge all my student-teachers to stay focused on their goals. I wish you all a bright and successful future.

Warm regards,
Dr. Mridula Bhagat
Grizzly College of Education