Student Council


1.    Purpose

 The purpose of the Student Council (SC) is to serve as the effective communication medium between the administration and students. Even though there is a fair chance to every student to communicate at any time with the administrative officials, Student Council acts as the interactive body facilitating primary level of communication. Student Council also assists in planning and development of various cultural, sports, social, recreational and other educational interests of students in the institution. The Student council provides scope to contribute in the development of students' leadership skills, program planning and volunteering.

2.    Student Council Constitution 

The Grizzly college of Education Students' Council shall consist of the following members, namely: 1. President 2. Vice President 3. Secretary 4. Joint Secretary 5. Treasurer 6. Class Monitor from each section. 7. Sports Secretary 8. Cultural Secretary

3.    Faculty Member: 

One Senior Faculty as coordinator of the Students' Council, primarily acts as the advisor of the student members in the Student Council.

2.1 Procedure 

All the student office bearers are the nominated posts. This nomination is purely based on the merit of their performance during the first year. The Class representatives otherwise known as “Class Monitors” are nominated by the Head of the department in consultation with the class mentors. Appropriate gender balance in the Council shall be given priority.

2.2 Eligibility 

1. All the bonafide students on the rolls of the institution are eligible to be nominated.
 2. Candidate should not have any academic arrears in the year of nomination 
3. The candidate shall not have been subjected to any disciplinary action by the Institute authorities.

3. The Role of Student Council 

The fundamental role of Student Council is the facilitator of sharing information between administrative officials and the students. The set of objectives for the council shall be: 
• To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development.
 • To support the management, administrative officials and faculty in the development of the Institution by means of sharing the opinion/suggestion/feedback of the council.

 • To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern *However, in no case/situation Student Council shall not and cannot influence/force/alter the decision making procedure of the administrative officials /management.

3.1    Key functions 

The functioning of the Student Council should be adhered to the objectives of the council. The council shall work with the administration in the planning and development activities of the students. The key functions are:
 • Work closely with the administrative officials, teachers and students.
 • Should be easily reachable to the students in the institution. 
• Involve as many students as possible in the student development activities of the institution.
4.    Duration
The tenure of the Student members in the Student Council is one year, whereas the faculty members are subjected to change on the reasons of resignation/termination/ or any decision taken by the Principal in the best interest of the Student Council of the Grizzly College of Education.
5.    Student Council Meetings 

The Student Council shall meet twice in a year (once in even semester and once in odd semester). It is mandatory for the faculty co-coordinator to attend meetings of the Council. The support and suggestions of the faculty members will be very useful in grooming up the leadership skills of the student members in the council.