Grizzly College of Education firmly believes in the importance of extracurricular activities and encourages our students to actively participate in a range of activities. The campus has sports facilities to ensure a comprehensive learning environment. Gone are the days when the sport was viewed as just a fitness activity. Apart from physical strength, it builds discipline, confidence, team spirit, and accountability. With this in view, sporting events are a priority at and the college has dedicated teams for various events which compete in inter-college and intra-college competitions. Through sports, trainee teacher can develop both physically as well as mentally. So, undoubtedly, sports and games are essential to develop the students physically as well as mentally. In addition to that, sports and games are known to develop the students holistically. They enhance the personality of individuals by imparting various traits in them. Sports are said to boost alertness, disciple, team spirit, mental ability, confidence and concentration of a student. It doesn’t matter what kind of sports the students are playing and whether they are winning or not. Every sport will always inculcate some amazing traits in them. In college, sports play a key role in moulding the students. These give mental relaxation to the students from their hectic schedule. Furthermore, sports develop students into well-balanced individuals. Apart from that, there are many reasons that stress on sports.