Academic Administrative Audit

Grizzly College of Education established on 2009 and College is known for its commitment to excellence through providing quality teacher education. The College undertakes an Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) in every academic year for maintain quality and transparency. The Academic Administrative Audit monitors and evaluates the institutional process through systematic internal and external audits. To introduce academic reforms, review their progress, and support reforms of Teacher Education Institutions (TEI). It is a faculty-driven model of ongoing self-reflection, collaboration, teamwork, and peer feedback. It bases on structured conversations among faculty, stakeholders, and peer reviewers focused on a common goal to improve quality processes in teaching and learning and thus enhance student success. An academic and Administrative Audit is the process of evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative procedure of an institution. It includes the assessment of policies, strategies, and functions of the administrative control of the overall administration system of the institution. This checklist gives an overview of what the audit committee members may look into while visiting an institution. It invariably follows the Quality Indicators Framework prescribed by Accreditation Council.


Academic Audit Report