Grizzly College of Education has a well-equipped library and arranged study room for trainee teachers as well as teacher educators. The library is equipped with fully digital and easy access for both trainee teachers and teacher educators. The periodical Journal, magazine, newspaper, and employment news are also available in the library. A library is a very useful platform that brings together trainee teachers and teacher educators willing to learn. It helps us in learning and expanding our knowledge. They develop their reading habits from a library and satisfy their thirst and curiosity for knowledge. This helps in the personal growth of a person and development. Most importantly, libraries are a great platform for making progress. When we get homework in class, the libraries help them with the reference material. This, in turn, progresses our learning capabilities and knowledge. It is also helpful in our overall development. The college library undergoes a great change in its role and is now on the threshold of being transformed into an academic unit of the college and enabling the college library to undertake the task of reorganizing and managing the library by providing better facilities and services. The college library aims to support the teaching-learning activity in the college and also provide the student's updated knowledge and ensure the optimum utilization of the available resources. To determine, how far it will be succeeded in achieving the objective, one must determine the extent to which the users (students and faculties) use the resources of the library as an integral part of the curriculum. In other words, it means that teaching in the classroom must depend more on the library than the textbooks. The library must become an integral part of the teaching program.

Members Of Library Committee

  Sl.No. Name
01 Prof. (Dr.) B.C. Swain (Chairperson) 
02 Mrs. Nisha Kumari (Convener)  
03 Dr. Mridula Bhagat (Member)  
04 Mr. Saurabh Sharma (Member)  
05 Mr. Chandan Singh (Member)  
06 Mr. Swarn Singh (Member)  
07 Mr. Mukesh Singh (Member)


Library Resources

The library has total of 7864 books on Education in particular and, on general subjects too available in two mediums i.e. English and Hindi. The library has valuable collection of Reference books, National and International level journals. 

Library Collection

  Sl.No. Description Qnty.  
01 Total No. of books   9132
02 Total Titles in the library  4324
03 Text book related to course  3325
04 Reference Books  840
05 Encyclopedias  126
06 Dictionaries  28 
07 Journals  26


List Of Magazines

  Sl.No. Description
01 Front Line 
02   Outlook
03   Vigyan Pragati 
04   Yojna 
05   Success Mirror 
06  India Today 
07  Pratiyogita Darpan 
08  Competition Success Review 
09  Current Affairs 
10  Samsamyiki Mahasagar 
11  Samanya Vigyan Darpan
12  Cricket Samrat 
13  Computer Gyan
14 Chronicle
15 Aha Jindagi