Smart Class

Grizzly College of Education promises technological enhancement and information of modern methods that provide quality education to the students for better learning outcomes with the help of technology. Traditional classrooms are losing their effectiveness and adapting smart classrooms in our educational institutions. Smart classes are equipped with the latest technology such as visualizes, smart boards, laptops/computers, internet connectivity, projectors, amplifiers, speakers, podiums, microphones, and many more. Smart classes help teachers deliver lectures more effectively for a better learning experience. Teachers show practical solutions to the students using many education websites and apps. Quality education is an essential requisite in today's competitive environment. Technology has affected us in every aspect. Smart classes are a modernized method of education in the Indian education scenario provides quality education to students by helping them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills, and academic achievement. By using smart classroom technology and interactive whiteboards, information illustrate with the help of photos, maps, graphs, flowcharts, and animated videos. This makes learning more attractive, interesting, and easy to understand. It encourages the ability of students to learn and memorize the topic for a prolonged period.