Laboratory Details

Physical Science Lab :

A Physical science lab is a place where basic experimental skills are learnt by systematically performing a set of prescribed and suitable design experiments. Performing experiments by one’s own hands is not only thrilling experience but is also important because it entails learning by doing. It also facilitates understanding the concept of Science. In Physical Science lab there is the scientific study of matter and energy and the relationship between them, including the study of Force, Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity and the structure of atoms.

Biological Lab :

The Biological laboratory is modern research infrastructure, providing a broad range of biological and bio-chemical techniques with in depth practical training offered by experienced teacher. Important routine work is on microbial and molecular analysis and biological sample preparation in general.



Language Lab :

A Language Laboratory is a dedicated space for language learning where students access audio or audio– visual materials. They allow a teacher to listen and manage students audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets or in isolated “Sound booths”.



Curriculum Lab :

Curriculum Lab is a set of rooms specially designed and equipped for the purpose of initiating and guiding curriculum change so that schools may continue to serve the changing needs of society. Curriculum Lab is an established organization with staff, facilities and materials for the study, planning, construction of Curricular materials. It provides a place to find information on Curriculum and Instruction.


Art & Craft Lab :

Art & Craft Lab is a place where learners can express their artistic views and can develop their imagination power. Student can also build a personality of positive thinking with proper attitude. This lab is the place of experiments with creativity. Here various types of activities related to Art and Craft such as waste materials, Painting, Pot decoration, Flower arrangement, Candle making etc. have conducted.


Psychology Lab:

Psychology Lab equipped with the latest facilities for behavioural researches. It has psychological tests and test batteries. It provides facility to measure personality, intelligence creativity and social behaviours etc. Which help students to make their teaching process more efficient.



Health and Physical Resource Centre :

Health and Physical Education has immense potential to contribute a great deal to the education of children and youth. For this adequate resources which excel sports and games by creating a favorable environment imbibing on the ethics of sportsmanship various item like Chess, Carrom, Badminton, Volley ball, Football, Basketball, Cricket etc. have been included. Yoga is also included as an important activity to develop the spirit.

Mathematics Resource Centre:

The Mathematics Resource Centre is a place where students can experiment and explore pattern and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of Games, Puzzles and other teaching materials. The Mathematics Resource Centre provides an opportunity for students to discover and learn Mathematics through doing.


ICT Lab :

ICT Lab is used to provide basic functional computer services for users who may not have access to such technology at home or elsewhere. The Computer lab provides an environment for users to get support and assistance with computer related issues. Thus the use of information & Communication Technology (ICT) is a valuable tool to enhance learning and experience of student-Teachers staff and others.


Computer Labs :

From the very inception of this college, our emphasis has been to provide the best technology to all the staff and students, therefore all the administrative and teaching work is being carried out using computers. Students can freely access them in the computer labs and also in the Library. At present, the college has two servers with 30 MBPs internet connectivity from NS broadband and 4 MBPs from Railtel services as Wi-Fi routers have been installed in the entire campus.