Purified Drinking Water

Grizzly College of Education purified drinking water with modern treatment technology using Filtration. There are two R.O. plants in operation to cater to the drinking water needs of all the students, staff members, supporting staff, and visitors. This water is pure, tasty, hygienic, and highly suitable for human consumption. The R.O. drinking water is dispensing through Water Coolers in the college provided at various locations. The rejected water from the treatment plants used for gardening and washing purposes. These plants not only facilitate the supply of safe drinking water but also obviate the otherwise involved huge expenditure for procuring drinking water for a large number of people on the campus. Now the institution can be liberal in the provision of our own made R.O. water. This R.O. water is using for drinking purposes as well as cooking purposes. Cold Water during summer, fresh and pure drinking water provide to the students and staff through the Water Cooler. It is to ensure that the students and staffs of the college remain hydrated during scorching heat with sound health.